Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ms. Sandy didn't know anything about the bite. She said Alise didn't cry or anything yesterday, so she was surprised to see it on Alise's back this morning. She said it did look like a bite mark to her, though. Also, "Chandler" is a little boy and according to Ms. Marian, the school mistress, he will be moving up to the 2 year old room (The "Polliwogs") next week. Alise will soon have some new classmates joining her in the next few weeks. So, as far as the birthday party goes, I think we're going to pass.

Alise's big "thing" this week is that she has to have about five things in her hands at all times. She has gotten SO attached to her passy and sippy cup! Normally, she has one passy in her mouth, holding another one and also holding her sippy cup. She likes to "switch out" the passies. This morning I was trying to get her dressed for school and she was holding two passies, her Cinderella sippy cup and a pair of Snow White sunglasses that I could NOT convince her to put on. Needless to say, you know we had a melt down when I had to take all that stuff away from her to put her shirt on!! Then we had another melt down in the car when we got to school because she wanted to carry all that stuff in and I wouldn't let her. I'm such a mean mother! One day she's going to tell me that, I'm sure of it!

I bought Alise a nice pair of white sandals today at "Spoiled Rotten." She needed a nice pair for church and for her pictures tomorrow. We've got an appointment with Holtzclaw Photography at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon for her one year old portrait. I'm not even going to mention about how much I hope she will cooperate. It's not worth it. The child hasn't cooperated when it comes to pictures since she was in the womb, why in the world would I think that by turning a year old things would change, now?! All I can do is hope for the best.

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  1. Who's doing the pictures? Lucy just had the baby so I didn't know if she was back at work yet...