Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ear infection #2 has turned in to ear infection #3 & #4. Yep, we've got a double ear in each ear. I made Alise an appointment with Dr. Ricks at 2:50 today. Wayne picked her up from school and I met them at the doctor's office. I had really thought this morning that she was doing better and I almost didn't make the appointment, but there's just something about that "mother's intuition." So far, it's paid off every time. (But now I feel bad for cancelling her appointment on Monday) It broke my heart to hear her cry and she got a shot in her hip. Wayne kept her the rest of the afternoon and he said that she was feeling much better. I can tell that she's feeling better. She was laughing and playing all night. We're on the antibiotoc augmenten for the next ten days. Dr. Ricks said that he wanted to see us in two weeks because if the fluid isn't going away or the infection is still there, he mentioned the dreaded word, "buttons." He said that she has become ammune to certain infections. Well, first of all, he's not our regular doctor. Second of all, this is technically our second ear infection, and, yes, it is the worst one so far, but I don't think we're to the point of buttons. Also, I didn't breast feed for three months for nothing!! I do plan to take her to see Dr. Stanley in two weeks just to make sure the infection is gone. I really don't see buttons in our future.

Alise's new word this week is "Hey!" I love it! Everything is "Hey, Hey!" She loves for you to repeat her. We go through the "Hey" conversation (repeating each other) several times a day. We've been working with a spoon at night and with all things...Jello! I normally put a spoon beside her plate at supper, but she mostly uses it to massage her gums (puts it in her mouth the wrong way). But we've been "practicing" with Jello and sometimes she does very well. She still doesn't understand that she's suppose to use her spoon for other things. Speaking of Alise and eating (By the way, she's up to 23 pounds!!), this past weekend when Alise and I ran out to the mall, I shared a kid's meal with her from Chick-fil-a. She did okay with the nuggets.

The best news of the day is that Alise did not cry this morning when I dropped her off at school. She didn't want to go to Ms. Sandy at first, but she eventually did and she didn't seem to be upset. I was so relieved.

Oh! Two things I need to share! Much to my chargin, Alise's hair is beginning to turn blonde. If you look closely, it almost looks as though her hair has been streaked with red highlights. The "new" hair growing underneath is most definitly blonde. The crown of her head is turning blonde. It seems that the only really red places are on the tips of her hair. The other thing I need to share (and write in her baby book before I forget!) is that Alise's top right eye tooth is really starting to come in! She looks so funny when she smiles because that top tooth is justa shining! She is also cutting the one on the left, but it's coming in a little slower. She's STILL missing those top two front teeth. I still wonder every day whether or not she is going to be my little "toothless wonder." Ya know? I made a bet with Cousin Mirya when they were here last month for Alise's birthday that I didn't think Alise would have cut more than four teeth by the time we left to go to Alabama in July. I'm beginning to think that I was right.

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