Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Day #2 at the new daycare. No biting took place today, thank goodness, but I did have to leave Alise this morning crying. One of the workers nearly snatched her from me when I got there. Alise and I like to play together for a few minutes before I leave. At least this was our routine at North Monroe. I just get the impression that the workers at Yellow House, just don't like the parents hanging around too much. Everything is so structured and once again the thought of "am I doing the right thing?" crossed my mind. But I watched for about five minutes from inside to see what Alise would do. She cried for about five minutes and then she was okay. I just absolutely hate leaving her like that. But I calledonce this morning and once this afternoon and spoke to her teacher, Ms.Sandy, and she said Alise was doing fine. She napped on her mat for about two hours (that I've got to see!) today.

Moma and I had lunch at the Piccadilly today and she told me that she and daddy are going to Pine Bluff to pick up Brooklyn this Saturday. She is going to stay the week with them (hopefully). Mom wants to carry Brooklyn and Alise to the zoo and so I asked to be off on Monday. We're also going to try and get their pictures made together. Moma says she wants Alise and Brooklyn to spend some time together with her next week, so Alise may not be in daycare a few days are all day every day. We'll see. I'm excited about our little cousin coming to visit!

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