Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I think Alise got bit again today. Her teachers didn't say anything to me, but tonight while I was getting her ready for her bath, I noticed a small bruise on her left shoulder blade. It looks like a small bite mark. I was really surprised that the mark was so noticeable because she had a sleeveless one piece on today, but if she did get bit, whoever did it, bit her through her clothes! The material was not thick, but it wasn't thin, either. I'm just shocked! I would think that the kid would have to have bitten hard for it to go through her clothes. Wayne said it probably happened earlier in the day for there already to be a bruise. I plan on asking Ms. Sandy in the morning if she knows anything about it.

When I picked up Alise this afternoon, she ran back to hug Ms. Sandy, her teacher. It was so cute! That's the first time she's ever done that. One of the most special times of my day is picking up Alise from school. She normally isn't expecting me and when she sees me, her face just lights up and she has to get to me. She runs toward me and hugs me. It just melts my heart! Then she normally holds her hand out for me to grab her hand and walk out to get her things. That's her big thing now....walking outside in the morning to get in the car to go to school and then walking in school by herself (she doesn't want me to carry her anymore). She is SO independent!!!

Alise got invited to a birthday party for one of her classmates, but I have no idea who the child is!! There was a 2nd birthday party invitation in her cubby for "Chandler"...whoever that is!! Is that a girl or a boy for heaven's sake? Anyway, the party is July 8th and it's at Jungle Gym. I'll find out tomorrow if "Chandler" is really in Alise's class or if she's in the older class. I'm just trying to decide if inviting the whole school to a birthday party is tacky or not?!?! Visit the party site at www.thejunglegym.net.

Speaking of birthday parties, I'm getting excited about Katie's birthday coming up in less than a month!! I talked to my boss today and got approval to take off on Monday, July 24th. I can't wait to see our family again and celebrate Katie's special day with her! Alise is excited, too (as excited as she can be at 13 months...). We're going to talk it up in the next few weeks.

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