Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

We're still fighting ear infection #2! I'm going to make Alise a doctor's appointment for tomorrow afternoon....Dr. Stanley or no Dr. Stanley. Wayne can take her since he's doing the Jackson shuttle tomorrow morning. When I picked Alise up this afternoon from school, she was holding her left ear again and her teachers said that she had just started doing that about forty-five minutes earlier. I just want her to be well. Her appetite is still up. She ate a whole package of Easy Mac Macaroni and Cheese tonight!

After my "QVC Junkie" post, I have found out that I'm not the only one who has problems with buying things off television these days. Friends are admitting that they are QVC Junkies, too. But I'll never tell!! Just knowing that you're not the only one out there is such a relief! Whew! I wonder if there is QVC Counseling available? Seriously, though, I really haven't bought that much. I just have it turned on most of the time...ya know?...as background noise. I mean there is absolutely nothing else on television to watch! Why not listen to "background noise"?

Today during my devotional, I read: "Fathers are usually the first males to model the masculine attributes of God to their daughters....It's through our fathers that we learn how to relate to the men who will come into our lives....It's from our fathers that we first seek acceptance, approval and love....A father's relationship with his daughter can greatly nourish or severely harm her." Today, Alise's "craft" at school was to make a card for her daddy. On the outside of the card, they had flattened a foil cupcake holder and made it look like it was a winning medal or ribbon. Alise had fallen asleep in the car, but I had planned for her to give it to her daddy when we got home since he would already be there. While I was getting Sleepy-Head out of the car, Wayne saw the Father's Day card on the front seat. After she woke up, he kissed her and said, "Thank you for my Father's Day card!" Wayne's first Father's Day card! How many more to come over the next years? It was a really sweet moment.

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