Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Alise is getting SO independent! She hates for me to come toward her with a spoon! She starts throwing a fit. She wants to feed herself. Will she ever learn to feed herself with utensils? Tonight I tried a new Gerber "Lil' Entree" meal. It was a turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy and mixed green beans and carrots. Poor thing must have been starving to death! She inhaled it! And, yes, she ate the turkey!

We got our second bo-bo tonight. When we got home, Alise wanted to take a ride in her pink car. As she was walking toward it, she fell under the carport and she skinned her knee in the same exact place that she did this past weekend. A scab on top of a scab. She barely cried, but when we got inside, she started paying alot of attention to her knee and pointing at it, so it must have started stinging a little. Of course I had NOTHING to put on it. I tried this weekend to put a Strawberry Shortcake band-aid on the first bo-bo, but she just ripped that off! So much for that!

Today I had lunch with my friend Nicole who has just had twins. Lydia Mae and Beau Everett were born last Tuesday. It's so neat because they will be exactly 362 days apart from Alise. I hadn't planned but to stay a few minutes, but I could tell that Nicole wanted some "adult" company and Jonathan had to leave to go back to work. So we talked and we talked and we talked. It was so nice to be able to share my experiences with somebody else. We talked about things that I hadn't thought about in long while. She is so anxious to get the twins home and settled. I can't imagine what she is going through with the twins being in NICU. But she seems to be in good spirits and that's a good sign. We're praying that they will be home in about another week.

The mood at the daycare is still sad. It just feels so strange and I hated to leave her there this morning. The workers seem to be so sad and their actions reflect on the kids. I didn't even get a daily sheet today so for all I know, she didn't eat lunch today and maybe she didn't have a nap. When I passed the medicine cabinet in the hallway, I noticed her medication form from last week was still on the clipboard. The wagons are no longer in the hallway waiting to be used so I'm thinking the kids just stay in the room all day and "play." For all I know, Alise isn't even taking a nap in her bed anymore (because the room I drop her off in and pick her up in, they use mats). I'm anxious to get her in her new surroundings, but I'm also afraid of the pain that comes with it.

Her top eye teeth are beginning to come in pretty well. I saw them again tonight when she laughed.

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  1. They still need a nanny? :)