Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Okay. I've gotten enough flack from everyone about not letting Alise get in the ball pit at gymnastics last week. I PROMISE to let her in next week! matter what! Hopefully, I'll remember to take my camera and get some pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I got some shots of Alise in her swimming pool this afternoon. If I can get Wayne to upload them for me, I'll add one to the blog. By the way, Alise didn't take a nap this afternoon. Wayne and I were exhausted and were in desperate need of a nap and Little Miss It just wouldn't have it. We put her in her bed three times, put her in bed with us, but nothing worked. As I write this, she is konked out on Wayne's chest in the recliner and it's now 5:30. I think he's out, too. Another picture moment.

Nana & Papaw came by for a visit this afternoon. Alise was so loving and she and Nana chased one another around the house! She read a book with Papaw. I don't think the poor child has had clothes on all weekend! Just a diaper and her birthday suit. I never thought I'd let my daughter run around the house with just a diaper on, but what the heck! It means less clothes to wash for Wayne!! I'm sure Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve are wondering if she has any clothes! Last weekend, she arrived at their house with only a diaper on and when they came by for a visit Friday night, she had the same thing on!

We had a guest speaker this morning in church. The president of Louisiana College spoke. He reminded us of the obligation parents have to their children. He said that each generation loses a little bit of their Christian heritage and it's the parents responsibility to "train their child in the way he must go." I thought about all the guilt I've been carrying around this past week and how none of that really matters because what matters most is that I am a Godly example to my daughter. I get so caught up in planning and controlling situations that I am missing out on the most important thing. As Alise's mother, I've got to learn to step back and let her be stop worrying about whether or not she's being "good" or "bad" and in the same way, live my life so that it shows Christ's love. Where is the happy medium?

About three weeks ago, I bought Alise some new Sunday shoes at Dillard's. They were Stride-rites. I bought them in size 3 and a half. She still couldn't get her sloth foot in them this morning. I've decided I'll for-go the white shoes for the rest of the summer and just wear sandels to church instead. It sure makes my life easier on Sunday mornings (No socks and shoes to worry about!)

Last night, Wayne and I were at Home Depot looking around and we bought Alise yet another chair. Like the poor girl needs another chair!!! But it was so cute!!! It was one of those outdoor lawn chairs that folds up. We got her a Cinderella one. They were on sale for $7.99 so if you're reading this, go to Home Depot and get one! They had all kinds...Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell, you name it!

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