Saturday, June 10, 2006

QVC Junkie

I am becoming a "QVC Junkie" thanks to my friend, Linda Clark. When we were "all together," (before North Monroe Hospital was bought by St. Francis), Linda would come in to work each morning telling us what "Today's Special Value" was and about all the things she had bought that weekend at the "introductory price." She would bring some of her "smells wonderful" things and let us take a wiff. Nicole and I use to laugh our heads off and claim that everything Linda Clark owned either came from QVC or Sam's. Well, I guess since my old friend Nicole has moved West, I couldn't stand the temptation any longer. I'm hooked. My favorite products are "Bare Escentuals" makeup, the "Philosophy" products (which is what I've already decided that everyone is getting from me for Christmas this year!!) and I just found the most extrodinary (Linda's word) microderm abrasion set. Go to It's Pottsy's from Happy Days skin care product. It is absolutely out of this world!!! You can get in on QVC, too, a little cheaper. I even sunk as low as to order Joan Rivers' "Magical Wand," but it's on back order. Obviously, I have lost my mind! But Linda is happy. She's found a QVC friend. I told her that if I didn't stop ordering stuff off QVC that I would also have to take up her bingo habits to subsidize my new crave. NOT! (Really, I haven't ordered that much.)

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