Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday, June 5, 2006

Alise got bit! First day at her new daycare and she got bit!! A little boy in her class, who supposedly has "never" bit before, bit her today because "the teachers were paying too much attention to Alise" because it was her first day (so the teachers said). I wasn't too happy about it. I'm still not. He bit her on her upper right arm. The marks are not that bad, but they're there. I asked her teachers if she cried and they said, "No, not really." What does that mean?!? I'm sure she did just because of the shock of it. She's never been bit before and I just pray to God that this doesn't start a biting epidimic for her (Alise biting people) the way it did with our cousin, Brooklyn! My heart just fell when they told me.

As for this morning, Alise did so good! She didn't even cry. I cried, but she didn't. We walked in to the school and everything was quiet. The kids were outside in the back playing. We met some of her teachers in the kitchen getting juice cups ready and Alise wouldn't go to them. She clung to me for her very life and I thought, "Oh, God. This is going to be horrible." We walked outside with Ms. Mary (one of her teachers) and I asked if Mallory Stevens was there yet. Mallory was on top of the slide so Alise and I walked over to her. Alise eased a little bit by seeing a familiar face. Eventually, I put her down and she started playing with one of the toys. She was fine; never cried. I hated to walk away, but I did. All her teachers (I still don't know all their names) were very nice and by the time I left, they had found everything in her bag, had her lunch in the refrigerator and was pouring her milk in a cup. I was shocked. The eager attitude was something I never had at North Monroe. This afternoon, (after the biting story) I was a little concerned because Alise acted like she was starving to death. I had to end up stopping at the Citgo store to get juice and water to put in her sippy cup. Luckily, I had some vanilla wafers in her bag. When I got home, there was nothing in her lunch box and I had packed that thing full of stuff! Lesson #1: Since the ride to her new school is so much longer, I've got to be prepared in the afternoons with juice and a bite to eat. The only thing I miss is that there was not a daily sheet in Alise's cubby telling me what she ate, when she was changed, etc. I'll ask about that tomorrow. I got my first note from her teacher and she brought home her first paper; they had glued glitter on the "circles." Today they learned about circles. After all that this morning, I still made it to work on time!

OH! And for some "good" news for the day, Alise started saying, "Uh-oh!" today. She threw her toys out of the tub tonight and each time she would say, "Uh-oh!" Too cute. I didn't mind so much throwing the toys back in the tub just to be able to hear her say it!

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