Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday, June 12, 2006

Cousin Brooklyn is in town and boy, has it been WILD!! Especially today! Alise's cousin (my brother's daughter) got in town Saturday afternoon to stay the week and she and Alise have been inseparable. We've gone to Nana's and Papaw's everyday to play. Sometimes they don't like to play very nice...Brooklyn likes the word "mine" alot and poor Alise just doesn't understand. If her cousin won't let her have something, she just walks off. Oh well. But other times, they crack each other up and just laugh and laugh. Alise likes to copy her older cousin.

Today I took off work and me and my mom took the girls to the zoo. Oh, my gosh, it was so hot!! (I can't imagine what it's going to be like in August!) They had a great time seeing the monkeys and lion and flamingos. The hippo even came up to the gate and opened his mouth to show off his teeth. Brooklyn was impressed! We had bought tickets for the boat ride, but after an hour, the girls were melting and we had other plans for the afternoon, so we knew we needed to get lunch soon. We opted to leave and go to McDonald's. I could not believe how Alise scarffed down a cheeseburger! That little booger ate three-fourths of a hamburger in NO time! She ate a few fries, but the hamburger was definitly her favorite. She ate a whole lot more than her two and a half year old cousin!

By then, it was nap time and Alise and I went home to rest. Nana came back around 3:00 so we could have the girls' picture made at Sears. That was when it got wild! Alise is getting to where she doesn't like the stroller any more and she likes to stand up. We couldn't get Brooklyn's stroller open, so Brooklyn got to walk around while her cousin was stuck in the stroller. To make a long story short, I nearly lost my religion with the girl at Sears and our 3:30 appointment ended up turning into 4:10. The girls were getting very anxious. Would you believe we only got one picture?! It was so disappointing, but you don't put a one year old on the floor to take her picture! Of course she's going to walk off!!!

We're still fighting the ear infection. Our weekend was horrible as far as that was concerned. Alise would be fine one minute and then begin screaming the next and hold her left ear. I can not understand why Khanfar didn't just give her a shot. Our friend Addison has got an ear infection, too and when Tiffany took her in Sunday morning, Bodron gave her a shot. So, we're still on the antibotic, Omnicef, and now Alise has got this thing where she doesn't want to take her medicine anymore. She fights me. I have no idea how much medicine she's actually getting. The ear drops are even worse! I have to hold her down and Wayne has to do them. It's crazy! But today was much better. She only complained with her ear once today and that was when we were leaving Sears. She acted like she was feeling better.

I'm not quite sure if Alise is going to be the next best gymnast. Tonight we had gymnastics at Bayou Gym. Alise is in the "Diaper Dare Devils" group. She didn't show an interest in anything. All she wanted to do was walk around. She watched some of the others, but when we tried to walk the beam or jump on the trampoline (For those of you reading this, don't freak out! I'm not talking about "Olympic-size" equipment. I'm referring to beginner gymnastics equipment. You'd just have to be there!), she'd freak out and start crying. Addison did so much better than Alise! Ms. Sue Ann assured me that it was okay. She said alot of the kids just get overwhelmed and that it would take some time. Alise is just so dead-gum independent that she just likes to do her own thing. She still got a sticker tonight!! I just hope that she takes some type of interest in sports. My goodness! If she keeps eating cheeseburgers like she did today, then she's going to need to be involved in ALOT of sports to work that belly off!!

I'm anxious about's back to daycare for Alise. She hasn't been since last Thursday. I dread the crying tomorrow (by the way, I think the little boy that bit her last week was at gymnastics tonight. I met his parents. If it was him, his name was Noah and he is just the cutest little boy! I think Alise only has two or three little boys in her class. The dad asked me if Alise went to Yellow House and when I said yes, he said that he thought I looked familiar. I told him that last week was our first week and it wasn't a very good one. I told him we got bit. Opps! Maybe it wasn't him.). I dread having to leave her at such a strange place, but God knows I need to go back to work because He just didn't make me a stay-at-home mom! (Thank you, Lord!).

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