Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday, June 30, 2006

Ear infection #3 & #4 have become #5 & #6. Or is it #1?!? There have been so many in the past two months that I've lost count! Needless to say, we're still battling an ear in each ear...a double ear infection. The daycare called me at work yesterday and said that Alise was crying and pulling on her left ear. She was running a temperature of 100. I immediately made her an appointment to see Dr. Stanley. I was shocked because when I dropped her off yesterday morning, she was fine. We didn't see Stanley until well after three o'clock, but when I picked up Alise from daycare, I knew something was wrong. She was laying on her mat and she acted like she didn't want to move. When she heard my voice, she came to me and started crying. She fell asleep in my arms in the waiting room. She had to have her finger stuck and her temperature had gone up to 101.9. Of course, Stanley was out when all this trouble started and he was shocked that we had been in twice before two weeks ago. I asked if he thought we were ready for buttons and he said that he didn't think so, at least not now. His main concern was getting this infection cleared up and then allowing some time to see what happens. He said in his opinion, he thinks that this is the same ear infection and that we needed to treat it "more aggressively." He prescribed zithromax and Alise had to have another shot of rosefin. She was not happy and it broke my heart to have to help the nurse hold her down. Dr. Stanley said that the shot alone should clear up 50% of the infection. I sure hope so! I'm tired of ear infections! I'm ready to get this behind us. A friend at work who is an RN told me that ear infections can affect the hearing and naturally, I started hyperventalating!! My mom kept her today because I had to be at work at 6 AM to do inventory. Moma said that she didn't eat that well today but that she seemed to feel okay. Of course, I gave Dr. Stanley a hard time yesterday because I had seen him at the hopital on Tuesday and we spoke to one another. I told him that he jinxed us and here we were. He said he gets that story all the time....parents running into he hasn't seen in years and then here they come!!! It's crazy!! We have to go back in two weeks. Pray that the ear infections are gone. I saw "buttons" today when I was in surgery and even though they are the tiniest things in the world, I still don't want Alise "put under." I don't understand why she has developed this problem all of a sudden. I never had this problem growing up. I need to talk to Wayne's mom and see if he did; he says he didn't.

We don't have any big plans for the weekend. It should be pretty quiet. I'm going to cook supper for some friends of ours that had twins last month. My mom may keep Alise long enough for us to take supper to them and then use a gift certificate that Wayne got from work for so many sales leads. I've been wanting to go for a motorcycle ride but I don't think we'll be able to work that in this weekend. I'll have to work Sunday afternoon after church. I've got auditors breathing down my neck and our conversion process takes place this weekend.

Oh, and by the way! Since we were in the doctor's office yesterday, I had to cancel our picture appointment with Holtzclaw. This is the second week in a row that it's been cancelled (Lucy had her baby last week....a little boy, Samuel Robert Holtzclaw). I'm beginning to wonder if this one-year old picture is meant to be?!

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