Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

(Picture courtesy of my good friend at work, Linda Clark) Okay. Word is some of you are upset that I haven't uploaded birthday pictures to our other photo site. Sorry. I simply haven't had time. I'll try and get to it this weekend. I just turned in my "disposable" cameras at CVS this morning. I'll pick up the pictures and CD tomorrow morning on the way to work. Maybe I'll upload some of those to this site tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

Well, what do I want to talk about? Now that the party is over, there doesn't seem to be that much to say. Other than the fact that it has been pretty "solemn" this week to say the least around the daycare. When I dropped Alise off yesterday morning, there was a sign on the door saying that the daycare was officially closing on June 16th. It's so quiet in the mornings now. And in the afternoons, Alise is nearly the last one to be picked up. I've been picking her up in the "older ones" room. If it were any other time (the daycare not closing or Alise not going to her new day school on Monday), I would be pitching a fit about her being in that room. I think it's going to be worse tomorrow because today was alot of the kids last day. Alise's last day at North Monroe Daycare is Friday. She starts "Yellow House Day School" on Monday. I'm actually dreading it. I feel like I'm taking Alise away from her friends and out of her comfort zone. It's not that I really have a choice now, anyway, with the daycare closing. But all her "supplies" have been bought. I've got the $30 lunch box and the $22 sleeping mat (I wish I could be a fly on the wall when they try to get Alise to lay down on a freakin' "mat"...HA!). We've got the lavendar sheet to go over the mat. I've got all the tupperware I can find to put her lunch and snacks in. We're ready. But I'm sure, come Monday morning, Alise won't be the only one shedding some tears. I just can't think about it right now.

On the way to the daycare this morning, it was like deja' vu. On Monday, I did something really stupid. I bought Alise the Walt Disney Cinderella CD (not that she really needed another thing!! Especially after this weekend!). Now, you must know that "Cinderella" is my favorite fairy tale and I love the Walt Disney version of the movie. I was tickled to death when it came out on DVD last fall and that Alise would get to have a copy. I want Alise to get into the "princess" stuff. When I was about six or seven years old, my mom and dad got me a Raggady Ann record player and the Cinderella storybook that included the record for my birthday. I played that thing over and over and over. I also had the Cinderella music (to the movie) on another record. I guess what I am trying to say is that this morning, I popped Alise's new CD in the player and started singing away! I knew the words to every song. What was so strange was that I got to thinking about that red Raggady Ann record player (it had a microphone, too) and all the times I use to sing those songs to myself in the mirror. Who would have ever thought that nearly twenty-six years later I would be singing the same songs to my daughter (and hopefully one day with my daughter)? Never did I think that. As a little girl, I played "house" and "moma" all the time. Every little girl thinks that she'll be a mother one day and I was no exception. However, it's not the everyday grind stuff that you go through as a kid that you think you will share with your own children one day. For instance, let's say when you were in kindegarten, your teacher was fairly young. Let's say she's still teaching school. What are the chances that your kindegarten teacher would teach your child? What are the chances that the Pastor that baptized you will also baptize your daughter? What are the chances that Alise will have "big clock earrings" like her mother did as a freshman in high school (Don't answer, Carrie!)? I'm just saying that it's neat to have these experiences with Alise even though she doesn't understand right now.

Alise is cutting some teeth! FINALLY!! Tonight we were laughing as I was putting her pajamas on and and I could see her top eye teeth. They look like they are breaking through. However, the top two front teeth I can't see very well. I'm scared they'll never come in and she'll be snaggled-tooth until she's six or seven years old!

OH!! The biggest news of all today!! I signed Alise up at Bayou Gymnastics for "Diaper Daredevils" on Monday's at 5:45. Her first class is Monday, June 12th. Tiffany and I have signed the girls up and we're going to do the class together. It's like a "Mommie & Me" gymnastics time. I'm probably waisting my money, but I think it might be something good for her if she takes an interest in it.

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