Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Tonight as I was leaving work, I thought about how much I am enjoying being a mom. I don't know why the thought hit me just then. Maybe it was because I was on my way to pick up Alise from the daycare. I can't wait to see her in the afternoons! (Especially when she's had a late nap and she's in a good mood!) She walked toward me down the hall when I picked her up today. Her walking is getting better and better everyday. I'm so mad at myself for not getting more of her trying to walk and wobbliness on the movie camera. I did get some "footage" tonight, though.

I spent my lunch break at the Dollar Store buying odds and ends to stuff in the goody bags for her party. I filled the bags tonight. It was fun because I got to do one "boy" bag, for Cameron, of course. No one can ever say that "Alise's mom" doesn't know how to do birthday goody bags! They are overflowing with junk!! I also bought "teacher appreciation" gifts at lunch. I got ceramic flower pots, gloves, and seeds for Alise's two teachers. Who would have ever thought that I would be buying "teacher appreciation" gifts (The daycare is celebrating it this week)?

OH! Alise's church buddy, Eileen Murray, is about nine days older than Alise. Eileen's mom cuts hair and my friend Linda had an appointment today with her. Ashley (Eileen's mom) told Linda that she is inviting Alise to Eileen's birthday party (which made me feel a whole heckuva lot better because I had planned to invite Eileen to Alise's party). Eileen is having a "swimming party"!! When Linda asked Ashley where she was going to have it, Ashley said, "The back yard!" She's going to have a kiddie pool. I think that is so neat! I didn't even think about that! I called my mom and told her that Alise had already been "duped." Someone had already come up with something better than us! She told me not to worry because that would happen more times than I could count!

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