Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Alise said the word "dog" tonight. The weather was SO nice when we got home, that I decided to "deviate" from our evening "schedule" and go for a stroller ride before supper. We were strolling in the church parking lot when our neighbors, Kenneth and Linda, let out their HUGE inside dog. Alise spotted him right away and he ran to the fence to see us. I said, "Alise, do you see the dog?" And she said, "Dog." In a cute way, of course. She said it several times after that and when the dog went back inside, she cried. She was ready to go home after that!

The extra invitations, mylar balloon and banner came in today. All the "birthday" stuff is stacking up on the kitchen table.

OH! I forgot to mention that I am looking for a Jack-in-the-box for Alise. When I got her Madame Alexander baby doll a few weeks ago, The Woman's Shop/Children's Corner had a "Mary Had a Little Lamb" jack-in-the-box, but it was $26. After what I spent on the doll, I knew Wayne would kill me, so I decided to wait. Then, last weekend, my mother was telling me about all the "ebay-shopping" she's been doing on-line and I thought about going out to see if I could find one there. I found the same exact "JITB" that was at the Woman's Shop, but by the time I paid for shipping, the price would have been the same. I little further down, I found a "Guess How Much I Love You" JITB and the bunny pops out. Right now, I'm the winning bid although there are about five days left on the auction. My winning bid is $7.50 right now. If I do get it, I hope that it's as nice as the one I saw in the Woman's Shop.

Speaking of toys, I've been trying to get Alise more interested in baby dolls. She's nearly a year old, and she's not really attached to anything. She doesn't care for Elmo, she isn't interested in her glow worm (Glowie) and she doesn't even carry around a "blankie." I guess all of this is a good thing, but for what ever reason, I want her to like dolls. So, anyway, we've been kissing and playing with the baby doll that her Mamaw Ruth got her. I'll say, "Leesy, kiss the baby" and of course, she'll come at with her mouth wide open. And I'll hold her and say, "Mommie hold the baby." But she still doesn't seem to be that interested in it. So I was really surprised tonight when we were walking over to her toy box and I said, "Leesy, where's the baby?" She actually picked it up and handed it to me!! She was like "here it is" and when right back to what she was doing. I will say that she knows how to "give the baby love" because there is a flip-up bedtime book that we've been reading this week and and there is a picture of a baby doll in it. Everytime she flips the "pillow" up, she sees the doll and goes straight to the book with her mouth wide open to give the "doll" a kiss. It is too sweet.

Tonight Wayne mowed the yard. After our "ordeal" with the night time diaper (I have to wrestle Alise all the time now to get a diaper on her...), I opened the front door so she could see outside while Wayne went back and forth. She loved it! She stood at the Larson door and banged on it and said, "Dada! Dada!" He would wave at her. But then when I went to get the movie camera to record it, naturally, she quit.

OH!! And the next biggest piece of news is that Alise is eating meat! Can you believe it? I know this is going to sound really gross, but from time to time, I pick up those Swanson frozen meat patties in gravy in the frozen section of the grocery store. Just because it's quick and easy. So, I think I fixed that Tuesday night. Well, Alise has been eating "left overs." She actually loves the meat! It's like she's finally getting a complete meal, now. She eats about half of one of the patties, mashed potatoes, and green beans or carrots. I cut the meat up very small and tonight she scared me to death because she kept putting one after the other in her mouth....reminded me of my brother and how he use to eat....take bites without even breathing. Either she was hungry or she just really liked it, but at least she finally ate meat!!

I went on my lunch break to Teacher's Mart to buy Alise a mat (for napping) for when she starts the Yellow House on June 5th. I never thought I would stress over something so silly. Do I get the two-toned red and blue one? Do I get the one like what I use to have (I couldn't believe they still made them like that!!)? Do I get the one inch foam or the two inch? Do you have it in purple? I finally opted for the two-inch teal mat. My baby needs all the padding she can get! Then tonight, as I was reading over the Yellow House handbook for the umpteenth time, I got to wondering if I'm allowing Alise to grow up to fast? After all, she's only one year old! There will be plenty of time to hold baby ducks in her hand (This is what they were doing at the day school the day I went to visit). Why can't she spend the next two years simply "playing"? The school is very structured. Does she need that right now? It's not like I really have a choice. I mean, this is where I have been wanting to send her since she was born. She's been on the waiting list for nearly a year. And besides. Where else is she going to go? The Yellow House Day School is one of the best daycares in Monroe.

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