Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday, May 7, 2006

For the third straight weekend in a row, it has rained. We have to keep putting the zoo trip with Alise's friends off every weekend! I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever stop raining so we can go?

Alise is ALL OVER THE PLACE!! Her walking is becoming more prevalent instead of the crawling. Those "thunder thighs" are getting stronger and stronger. She can walk from the kitchen into the living room. If we're not in a room with her, she will walk down the hall to find us. It is so funny to finally see her up and going! She still wobbles and looks like she's a little "tipsy" but she just smiles and laughs because she knows she's "getting somewhere." I think I'm beginning to see some break-through on those lower gums. Will we have some new teeth by her birthday? She's congested again and we've been fighting a runny nose this weekend. So much for the antibiotics two weeks ago!

Last Sunday night, our church voted to discontinue our daycare. For us, it was not a problem since we had planned to move Alise to another "day school" when she turned a year old. However, for some of our friends, the news just isn't setting well and most of the daycares in our area are full so they are having a hard time finding other child care. Alise starts "The Yellow House" on June 5th and last Tuesday, I went to meet with the director, fill out some paper work, and tour the facility. I was a little nervous about the class size because right now, at North Monroe, there are only three other children in her room for a total of four. At The Yellow House, she will have about eleven children in her room, but as the director, Marian Zentner told me, the teachers "tag-teach" and so they end up dividing the class into smaller groups of four or five. That made me feel better. As she explained that particuliar day to me--what they had already done by 10:30 that morning--I was so amazed! It's hard to believe that Alise will eventually be coloring and holding baby ducks in her hand. She will have a "locker" (just a white "cubby" more or less) to keep her baby work, clothes and bag. They do not provide a hot lunch. Alise will have to carry her lunch every day. I have already bought her a $30 lunch box off with her name monogrammed on it. (Don't say it. I know I'm crazy!) My only disappointment, was to learn that The Yellow House Day School only goes up to two years old. After that, you must find another facility for Pre-K 3 and 4. I was under the assumption that it went to 3 years old. However, The Yellow House is associated with Grace Episcopal School ( and they have a Pre-K 3 & 4. That is probably where we will send Alise when the time comes. I am anxious for her to start simply because I know she will be doing so much more than just "playing" every day! I met the teachers and they all seem very nice. Marian told me she had been there for 18 years and most of the workers and teachers that were there had been there for nearly as long so that's a good thing, too.

Today we went to visit Nana and Papaw. Nana made us some chicken and dumplings, so of course, Alise helped herself to some. I don't know how in the world I am ever going to get the child to eat meat!! She kept spitting the chicken out! She and Papaw shared a chocolate chip cookie and milk out of a cup! Amazing that she won't take it out of a sippy cup!!!

The birthday party plans are coming along! Yesterday morning I stopped at Thurman's and ordered Alise's birthday cake as well as the smaller cake for herself. The big cake is going to be in the shape of a butterfly with lavender and pink icing. The smaller cake will be more "phoo-phoo'ey" (if that's even a word), but the baker gave me an idea. She said sometimes for the first birthday cakes she does the shape of a flower and since Alise's invitations have butterflies and flowers on them, I thought about doing that instead. I've got a few weeks to change my mind. The M&Ms are in!! Wayne nearly had a stroke when he found out how much those cost! But they turned out so cute! The invitations will go out on Wednesday the 17th and I've already started the grocery list. Before you know it, the day will be here. This past year has gone by so fast. It's hard to believe that this time a year ago I was pregnant and Alise was about to be born. She's grown up so fast in just one year and I can't believe that tiny little girl is now walking around the house and saying "Moma" and taking real milk from a bottle. I am so blessed and I thank God every day for blessing us with a healthy and happy baby girl. Our lives are so complete!

Amy babysat for us last night while Wayne and I went to dinner and to the new "Mission Impossible" movie. We also went to Toys R Us and got a great surprise! A few weeks ago, I was cleaning out some purses to give to Goodwill and found the Toys R Us gift cards that I thought I had accidently thrown away. So last night, we discovered that we had $150 worth of Toys R Us gift cards to use. The clerk told us that if we didn't use them within a year, the balance decreases every month by $2. So...we went shopping! For Christmas, even! First of all, we got Alise the purple and pink car that she can ride in and we can push from behind. Then, Wayne suggested that we finish using the cards for Alise's Christmas gifts. So we bought two of her Christmas gifts last night. One was a tea party set that the teapot makes noise and we bought her a Cabbage Patch doll. We gave up on trying to find a doll born on her birhday day, so we picked "Sidney" and made sure she had blue eyes to match Alise's.

OH! And for THE most important news of today....Alise can no longer wear her Easter shoes. Yes, I got them back in February and assumed that she would be able to wear them through the summer. Wrong! So, now I'm looking for new white shoes! She was just in the stupid things last month when we had her Easter picture made!! Go figure.

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