Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday, May 21, 2006

It's 2:00 in the morning and I can't sleep. Between Wayne and Alise, they are about to drive me crazy (Sorry, Babe) with this hacking cough they both seem to have (and now I'm getting!) If Wayne's not coughing his head off in my face, then I hear Alise in her room hacking away. Every time I throw the covers back to get up to give her some medicine, she stops. I hate to wake her up in the middle of the night because I'm afraid she won't go back to sleep. As for the ear infection, I think I'm coming down with it. It's either that or TMJ. I guess I'll be a "new patient" with Dr. Conville on Monday.

I'm debating on what to do as far as whether or not to take Alise to Eileen's birthday party today. I hate to take her when she's sick and get all the other kids sick, but I had already told Ashley that we were coming. And then the whole swimming I let her get in the water? As far as I know, she's still not running any fever. The chances of getting her ear wet are slim to none, because she hates to have her hair wet and unless the other kids are really splashing around, I don't see that happening. And then I'm thinking about skipping out on church this morning and I keep hearing my daddy say in the back of my mind, "If you can't go to church, then you don't need to go to a birthday party!" ugh!

I guess since it's this early in the morning, I can rattle on about anything I want to, huh?

I'm really concerned about this whole "Da Vinci" hoopla. I've debated about reading the book. I've heard it's a hard book to read. But last night, we watched a documentary on one of those "learning" channels and Bill preached on it a few weeks ago. He said we should read the book because everybody is going to be talking about it and instead of Satan meaning it for bad, God could mean it for good. I just feel guilty about buying the book and going to the movie. I feel like I am helping to promote something that is totally against my faith. I'm sure it will be one of the "highest grossing films in a weekend" movie, but I am disappointed in "Oapy" (Ron Howard) and Tom Hanks. I'm not a big Tom Hanks fan, anyway, but now if Matthew McConaghey had starred in it, well, then, that would be a totally different story!!! I do honestly pray that people who are not Christians and do decide to read the book or go to the movie will not believe it as the truth, but simply as fiction instead. There is no way that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married! There is no such thing as the "Holy Grail."

It simply doesn't pay for me to be up this late!! I went on ebay and there are now two Raggady Ann jack in the boxes that I've got my eye on. There is also a "slightly used" Mary Had A Little Lamb one for $3.99. I'll talk to Wayne about it later and see what he thinks. I sure hope whoever out-bidded me on the last one is enjoying it!!


I went ahead and took Alise to Eileen's birthday party this afternoon. She was a perfect angel. She looked so cute in her white sundress and pink bow, but we eventually changed into our "bikini." The opening for the top was so narrow that poor Alise was screaming her head off by the time I finally got it on her. I was so thankful that there weren't that many people around. We had our "Horton belly" in full view of everyone! It was really poking out! But there were tons of kids everywhere and Alise did really well in the kiddie pools with the other kids. She only got wet from the waist down, so hopefully, the ear infection will still clear up. Eileen got tons of gifts, but we had to leave in the middle of it because it was getting close to supper time. Our gift to Eileen was a hit! Everyone wanted to ride the push & ride car. Her birthday cake was HUGE and it was so cute! It was in the shape of two hot pink sandals! Ashley was so nice to us, making us feel welcomed. She is so laid back. I'm just too darn up tight.

I actually think that Alise is feeling like her old self again! After we got home from the party, she was so happy...playing, walking around, and watching the church kids across the street from our front door. But she definitly loves the outside. She did so well at the party being outside. We sat on her "Cinderella" beach towel and ate chips and sandwiches while Eileen opened her gifts. When we got home, she cried to go for a stroller ride, so we did that. Then, when Wayne got home, we went outside to see her toy box that he is making for her. (Which, by the way, he has done a GREAT job on!!). She cried when we had to come back inside. Her feet were black tonight from playing in the back of Wayne's truck and I had to scrub them when we took a bath.

I got some great pictures of Alise and Eileen at her party today, but I took them with a disposable camera because of the time delay on the digital. I can get them put on a CD. When I do, I'll post them.

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