Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday, May 22, 2006

I am sick as a dog! (That's what I get for talking about Wayne snoring in my face!) I don't know what happened but I got to feeling bad around 7 o'clock last night. By 8 o'clock, I was throwing up and the "other." I don't know if maybe it was something I ate, but I kept thinking about those sandwiches that Alise and I ate at Eileen's party and I would get so nauseous. Alise ate more than I did, but she doesn't seem to be sick ( so far). Last night when I would doze off (I hardly was the longest night of my life!), I kept dreaming about Alise throwing up cake all over everybody at the party this weekend. I know that's pretty gross, but after all the planning I've done and excitement about it, I just know that that would be my luck. Pray that she doesn't get sick. My mom had to come and get her this morning and take her to the daycare. I missed my morning smile.

The best news of the day: I can eat the full-fat, full-sugar version of Oreos and enjoy them! The papers says that regular Oreos have 160 calories per serving compared to 150 calories for the reduced-fat and sugar-free varieties (which is what I normally buy). Not that an Oreo cookie even sounds appealing right now, but what's ten more calories? I love oreos, especially when they're dipped in milk!

Funniest news of the day: Axl Rose (all my high school friends would know who he is) and Tommy Hilfiger got into a fight....something about Axl moved Tommy's girlfriend's drink out of the way so it wouldn't spill. A nice jesture on his part I think (if you consider who Axl Rose is and what he looks like!). Hilfiger "smacks" him on the arm and tells him to put the drink back. These are 44 and 55 year olds, mind you. Oh well, Axl had the last laugh. He performed and dedicated the song, "You're crazy" to "my good friend Tommy Hilfiger." Go Axl! I cracked up!!

Most hopeful news of the day: Mine and Wayne's expected lifespan is 71.1 years. That's great! We'll both be on social security for what? Five years? Alise's expected lifespan is 77.2 years. They won't even HAVE social security when she's that old!

Can you tell I haven't done much today?

Also, the best news of all is that my step-niece's dog is in the local "Pet Idol" contest. Go on-line and vote for "Mason Elias" at That dog needs all the votes he can get!!

And last but certainly not least, Alise has a "Mary Had A Little Lamb" jack in the box on the way!! Her daddy bought it off ebay last night and it was shipped today. We got it for around $10 including shipping. So "there" to whoever that person was that outbidded me. I got this one for alot less. Who says persistence doesn't pay off?

I watched a very sad but important "Dr. Phil" today about sexual predators on the internet. So, so sad. He gave out this web-site to go to to find out who the "registered" sex offenders are in your area: The sad part is that there are more predators out there than just the "registered" ones. I've been having trouble getting to the site this afternoon so I haven't been able to see the ones in our area, but on the show, they were able to see one about two miles from one of the people's in the audiences residence. Very disheartening and all the more reason to guard my little girl's heart.

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