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What a day!... What a weekend!! Before I complain about how exhausted I am, I have to tell you all about Alise's special day!

It all started Friday because that was Alise's actual birthday. For me, it started at 6:30 that morning. After I got a shower, I spent some time on the couch looking at photos of this past year. One of the first pictures in her album is a picture of me and Wayne together when I was in the hospital. I remember posing for that picture as if it were yesterday. I had the horrible hospital gown on and hooked up to every machine known to man. We were so excited then because we knew Alise would make her grand entrance soon. I remember thinking that in a few short hours, it would no longer be just "me and Wayne," but Alise would make us "three." We would be a family. As I looked through her photo album that morning, I was amazed how much my 7 pound 15 ounce baby girl had changed in one year. I was so glad that I took Carrie's advice and took pictures of Alise at her "monthly milestones." It was so neat to see how she had changed from month to month. I cried and thanked God for his wonderful blessing.

Around 7 o'clock, I got the video camera and went into Alise's room to wake her up. I cried and sang "Happy Birthday" to her. It's all on the video. She just looked at me with her passy in her mouth. I know she thought I had lost my mind. We got dressed and ate breakfast (more video) and then she and I went to pick up the flower arrangement I had ordered for her birthday. My first disappointment. The arrangement had not turned out like I imagined...especially for the money I paid for it. It looked like an arrangement you would get in the hospital! We went to pick up the cookies for the party at Yummy Tummy. Then came disappointment #2 because she had lost my order. The cookies had not been made. By that time, I was thinking that this whole birthday party thing was on the the downhill slide. We ran all over town looking for more pink and purple balloons. The SUPER "Everything's a Dollar" store has become my new best friend. By this time, it was nearly 11:00 and I thought it would be a nice idea to let Alise have her first "Happy Meal" from the Golden Arches to celebrate her birthday. She actually did very well! She ate half a hamburger (cut up in small pieces, of course!) and some fries.

Daddy got home at 5:00 and started things for the fish fry. Our cousins from Alabama, Doug (the "photographer") and Mirya, arrived with their little girl, Katie. After we got over the fact that Katie had eight teeth and was only ten months old, we ate fish with Nana, Papaw, and Great-Grandma Anderson. We had TCBY cake (disappointment #3, by the way) for dessert with one purple candle on top. Alise dug into the icing. We opened a few presents and Alise got a silver locket from Nana and Papaw, a cupcake Memory plate from Aunt Peggy, and a stuffed chicken and monogrammed shirt from cousin Katie. Alise and Katie played so well together. I wish that Doug and Mirya lived closer (or vice versa). It would be so much fun for our girls to grow up together! We can't wait for Katie's party in July!! Check out for pictures of them playing.

Saturday....actual party day and more running around and a short fuse for Mommie. Alise went with me to pick up the cake (disappointment #4 although everyone else seemed to think it turned out well. It just wasn't what I had in mind) and cookies (disappointment #5). Wayne and Papaw grilled hamburgers for lunch. Alise took a nap for about an hour and fifteen minutes. Before I knew it, it was ten minutes after 1:00 and we still had to finish getting the table ready and decorated. So I scarfed down half a hamburger (they were HUGE) and took a few quick breaths before I started hyperventilating!!

Two o'clock came and hardly no one was there! I began to panic again. Heather and Amy brought Cameron over, but they couldn't stay long because Cameron's parents were going out of town; Ashley had called me Friday night and said that Eileen was running a fever and wouldn't be able to come but she would come to bring Alise's gift; Carrie called Friday morning to say that Doug had to work and so they would not be coming from Tulsa (disappointment #6). But it just seemed that everyone was running late because by 2:30, Linda Clark and Kelly came in wagging a "Princess Chair" and I was relieved when the others followed her. All of Alise's close friends made it except for Eileen. I fought Alise nearly the whole time over the first gift she opened. It was a rolling muscial toy that you push. My Grandmother had given it to her and she would not let go of it. Then, when Linda got there with the chair (We got THREE different chairs, by the way!!), Alise kept crawling all over it with her musical toy. She loved it but didn't quite know how to sit in it. One of the high lights for me was when she opened her Madame Alexander doll (the doll that I spent a fortune on because Linda Clark said she HAD to have a M.A. "snugg 'ums" doll). She wasn't too impressed with it, but when I said, "Alise, what do we do with babies? Can you love the baby?" And she leaned forward and gave her a kiss. The practice has paid off!! I wanted to cry.

The cake....ohmygosh! The child had cake all over her! Thurman's was able to make Alise's cake look like a flower (disappointment #7). It was pink. She acted like a pro! She dove into it, but the cake had SO much icing that I helped her a little by sticking her hand in the cake. I haven't watched the video yet, but I remember laughing my head off. I also remember Aunt Donna laughing so hard that she was crying. Even Mamaw Ruth was laughing alot and taking pictures! All I can tell you was that it was hilarious and after she had finally had enough, she just sat in her high chair like she was limp. The sugar got to her. I still remembered the dream I had about her throwing up cake all over everybody, but luckily, I wasn't disappointed over that because it didn't happen!

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Papaw and Aunt Donna giving wagon and "car buggy" rides (her gift from me and daddy) to all the other kids. Addison was running around and Katie loved the pink car buggy!

Saturday night the party continued at our house with Wayne's family. We boiled crawfish and shrimp and Katie and Alise swam in the pool.

When my eyes opened Sunday morning, I could barely move!! Every bone in my body ached. I felt like I had been run over by a freight train. None of my friends told me how much work a birthday party was!! And I've been doing this for FIVE months!!!! I don't know what I would have done if I had not had my mom to help me. Thanks mom! Needless to say, there's been a little depression, too. Not really depression, more like sadness. Sadness that all the planning is over (relief in a way, too) and now the party is over. Sadness that I was so involved with making sure that everything went well, that I missed "taking it all in." I wondered if Alise could talk and if she could understand, whether or not she would think that I did her justice with her party. I wanted it to be great. I wanted it to be perfect. My biggest concern was that everyone would leave the party thinking that Alise was the worst one-year old in the world.

On Sunday afternoon, Tiffany and I took the girls (Alise and Addison) to the Children's Museum. The museum was having a free admission day to celebrate their new addition. The girls had a blast in the "Children's Cafe'" area. They closed doors of the toy refrigerators and stoves a thousand times and brought us tomatoes and avacadoes (The bigger kids had the better toys. Tiffany and I worried about germs the whole time. I was so thankful we were taking an antibiotic). We closed the Museum down at 4 o'clock, but the girls insisted on getting balloons before we left.

I can't close without saying "thank you" to all my "Picture-takers." Doug laughed at me that I had a digital camera and I was using disposable cameras all weekend, but I haven't been pleased with out digital camera lately. So thanks to Doug for filling in and being the official "party picture taker." We owe you at Katie's party. Also, thanks to Linda Clark. She called me this morning to tell me that she had the pictures she took with her camera developed last night. She promised to bring them to work tomorrow.

Stay tuned to our site. I haven't posted any pictures yet, but they're coming.

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