Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday, May 19, 2006

I had to end up taking Alise to see Dr. Stanley yesterday. Poor thing. Yesterday morning when she woke up, I just knew she wasn't feeling good....I could see it in her eyes. She also was beginning to sound a little "croupy." The days of flirting with Dr. Stanley are long gone! She screamed the entire time he tried to listen to her heart beat. I don't see how he heard anything! Alise ended up having a mild ear infection (I knew I should have never told whoever that was the other day that we had never had one!) and a red throat. No shot this time, but two medicines. I asked him if was okay if we went to Oak Grove for an outside graduation and he said okay as long as she wasn't running any fever. I also asked if we could have Alise tested for diabetes. Dr. Stanley was okay with that, too, so next week when we go back for our well-baby check up, we'll have that done. I am just concerned because of what happened with Alise's friend, Addison.

So last night after Wayne got home and got dressed, we piled in the car and headed over to Oak Grove to see our nephew Chad graduate! We are so proud of him! His older brother Casey graduated from Vo-Tech and we're proud of him, too. Pictures to come. Alise did very good during the ceremony. She only got fussy a time or two and when she found out that I had "puffs" in her bag, she was all smiles. She was just so tired because by the time the graduation started, it was already an hour past her bed time. Sweet Baby Girl hung with her family, though and stayed awake until we left Aunt Donna's at 10:00. By the time we got to the red light in Oak Grove, she was out!

Hopefully our bottle days are gone. Sallie wrote me a note on Wednesday telling me that Alise was doing really well during the day drinking milk out of her sippy cup. So, we've started trying again to give her milk out of it instead of a bottle here at home. She is doing much better this time. She no longer insists on having a bottle. Granted she doesn't drink all of it, but she does try it, now, and drinks most of the milk. Maybe my wish to have her off the bottle by her first birthday will come true after all!

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