Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday, April 20, 2006

"Leesy" is sick today. She started running a fever last night. I noticed it when we got home from Oak Grove. She ended up waking up every two hours so I finally put her in the bed with us ( a first). I didn't hear any complaints from Wayne this morning, so I guess he slept okay. I, on the other hand, had a little one right up under me, so I slept on the edge of the bed all night. I could just hear my friend Nicole saying, "You just need to get a king-size bed." No thank you. I think the fever may be related to her teething. I think she's trying to cut the two teeth next to the two bottom teeth she already has. Are they incisors? All I know is that she doesn't feel good and right now she's probably sleeping better than she has all night. I'm planning to chase the fever with tylenol and motrin. If she still has it by this afternoon, then I plan on calling Dr. Stanley. Stay tuned.
Alise is asleep once again. She still seems to be running a low-grade temp. Everytime I pick her up after her nap, she is sticky with sweat. Other than that, she seems to be okay. She's a little cranky and clingy and you can tell she doesn't feel good, but she's played most of the day. I think I'll take her back to daycare tomorrow.

I'm letting my "Betty Crocker/Susie Homemaker" skills shine through. I've got a roast in the crockpot and I might even make dessert! If Wayne only knew what a better mother and wife I could be if I could stay at home...NOT! I'd go stone-batty crazy! Just like I am right now!!

I forgot to say why we were at the funeral home in Oak Grove last night. One of our best friend's dad died this week and the funeral was scheduled for today. I had every intention of going until Alise woke up late last night with a fever. Wayne and I went over to be with our friends last night. We've come to realize since the death of his father nearly eight years ago the importance of friends in times like these. It means so much to have them there. And this friend is so special. We just know that God is going to use this opportunity to bring something good out of it.

I went ahead and made an appointment with Dr. Stanley for in the morning. We're his first patient, so maybe that won't take too long. Also, I'll get to talk to him about the whole bottle and formula issue. Alise is still running a fever. At around 5:00 today it was still 101. And she still doesn't feel very well. I went ahead and took her to Pajama Jam tonight at the library just to get out of the house for a while. She loves the library. She loves books. We were the only one there, but she still got to hear a few stories. I picked up a few books for myself, too.

My roast turned out to be the best one that I have ever made! I've got to remember to buy the "Mock Tender Roast". The word "tender" should give it away! Anyway, it was great, but Alise didn't care for the rice and gravy too much. I think it was the texture of the rice. She started gagging so I took that as my cue to stop.

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