Saturday, April 22, 2006

There is an empty space in the corner of the living room. We just put Alise's swing in storage. I'm so sad. My baby girl is growing up! That swing has been in the same spot for nearly a year. Except for the several nights when Wayne would move it into our bedroom at nights so we could put her in it in the wee hours of the morning when I was still breast feeding and she wouldn't go back to sleep. Of course, daddy slept comfortably on the couch for three months while moma and baby slept in the bed room. And we won't EVEN discuss the nights when Moma just didn't know what else to do and she just handed Alise off to daddy! Gosh, those days seem like ages ago. Alise loved the swing. I remember in the early days feeling so guilty for letting her fall asleep and stay in the swing sometimes all night. I just knew she was going to become a "hunch-back" from sleeping in that thing so much. It's funny because up until a few months ago when she would still get in it, the legs would kinda "jump" in the air as it swung because Alise was getting so big (not fat!).

It's so strange to remember a year ago that Wayne and I were in Memphis having a good time. I was big fat pregnant and unbeknowest to me, having contractions on the ride home. Dr. Sheppard allowed us to go out of town for our anniversary. She said she would see me on the Thursday we got back and I had dilated 3 centimeters and 70% effaced. I was on cloud nine! But the progress remained the same for the next three weeks. In Memphis, we shopped at Baby's R Us and ate at our favorite restaurant "The Melting Pot." A year ago, I couldn't imagine how my life would change by the sweet blessing of my baby girl! God has been so good to us.

Today we have been stressing the word, "NO" and it doesn't seem to be going over very well. Every time you tell Alise "no" it hurts her feelings and she cries. For instance, this morning, she was opening the doors of the entertainment center. That doesn't bother me to much, but when she starts reaching and grabbing at all that electrical stuff, well, that's when it starts bothering me. I told her "no" and moved her away from the doors. She started crying. Then, a while ago, we went to the dump and she was getting anxious in the back seat of the truck, so I let her play with my keys, but she wanted to put them in her mouth. I told her "no" again. Well, you would have just thought that her world was falling apart!! I struggle with this because I hate for her to cry, but I want her to understand that "no" means "no."

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