Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Today was a great day for us! I felt like we were a family today. Not that I don't ever feel like that, but it was the "together-ness" that I enjoyed so much. To think that one special little girl could make a husband and a wife wonder what in the world they ever did before she entered their lives is amazing. Our family is complete. God has blessed us with an wonderful daughter and we love her so much. This weekend, we have been covered with "sugar" and "kisses." Covered so much that there are big, wet rings (open mouth kisses) on our cheeks. We could care less. Each one is so precious. Now, we almost don't even have to ask for one. Alise gives them liberally and we love them all.

We made it to the Elsong Gardens this afternoon. The weather was cool and nice but it eventually clouded up and threatened to rain so we had to leave. We got a few good pictures of Alise. She cooperated very well, but she just refused to look at the camera! The picture above was one of the better ones. She looks as though she has a receeding hairline, but it was the wind that was blowing. I've been brushing it over to the side and putting a bow in, but now she has gotten in the habit of pulling them out. She already had the bow pulled out a minute after I put it in, so I didn't bother with it again. Everyone commented on her lavender Easter dress. They thought she looked so pretty. Of course, that made my day! However, she did manage to get some mud on it, but it was more Daddy's fault than her's. He accidently sat her next to some muddy grass and then she tried to crawl away. But the stains didn't seem to be too bad and Daddy took care of the dress as soon as we got home.

We saw our friend, Cameron, while we were there. Our babysitter, Amy, brought him to the Gardens and we got a few pictures with them together. Like I said, Alise was in a very "loving" mood this weekend, so Cameron snatched a few kisses himself! (Daddy didn't care for that too much!) We got shots with the Easter Bunny and I just knew that she was going to freak out when she saw him, but the crazy girl reached up and touched his nose!! I couldn't believe it!! You can check out the rest of the pictures at www.babygirlalise,

After the Gardens, we stopped at Eskamoe's for ice-cream. Wayne and I got the "Artic Turtle" but I didn't let Wayne give Alise very much of it. She didn't eat much for lunch and I was scared it would give her a tummy ache, so she stuffed herself with goldfish instead.

Nana made us chicken and dumplings on Friday night, so Baby Girl has gotten her tummy full! She likes Nana's dumplings!

Oh! Before I go, I have to tell you this. When we got to the Gardens this afternoon, we had a hard time finding a parking place. By the time we found one, Wayne and I both began to smell something. Yep, Baby Girl had fixed her britches! So when we found a parking place in a shady grass lot, I luckily had a towel in the car and I had to lay Alise down on the grass and change her diaper. Nobody saw anything. But I remember thinking before we ever had Alise how embarrassing it was for those mothers who had the back of their cars or SUVs opened up in the grocery store or Walmart parking lot to change their kids' diapers. Well, I was one of those moms today. It seems that ever since I met Wayne Horton I've been eating my words more and more. Uhm....

Hi there, I'm Laura, I'm the happiest wife, the loudest cheer mom, and the craziest girlfriend you'all ever have, I'm a Southern Belle living in a Southern world!

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