Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday, April 29, 2006

We had a GREAT day today! It rained nearly all day so we didn't go anywhere. We had "family" time just being at home together. It was nice. We started out the day with strawberry muffins. We pulled Alise's high-chair into the living room and we all had muffins while we watched the "Three Stooges" (This was something that Wayne and his grandfather always did together). Alise actually watched while she ate her one and three-fourths muffin! I couldn't keep up with all the steps she took today! Baby Girl is walking around all over the place!

But our REAL excitement came later this afternoon! The rain stopped and Alise was getting ansy so I decided to take her for a stroller ride while Wayne finished making the crawfish etouffee for supper. We were strolling along and we were going up the drive way of a vacant house across the street. As we got nearer to the house, I noticed there was a stick laying in the driveway. Only, as I got closer, it wasn't a stick but a SNAKE!! Since we were only across the street (and our windows were up because there was a nice breeze blowing and we wanted to get the "fishy" smell out of the house), I started hollering for Wayne. He didn't hear me. Needless to say, by the time I got back to the house, Wayne got a shovel, of course, the snake was gone. From the way I described it, he thinks it may have been a copperhead. I told him that that was scary! Just the other day I was walking around in our yard barefoot. He told me I couldn't do that. I told him that it wasn't fair. When I was kid, I walked around barefoot all summer. As much as Alise hates shoes, it's going to be hard making her put some on before she goes outstide to play!

When we were coming back to the house, I noticed a baby crawfish in a puddle in our driveway. It was the tiniest thing. Wayne picked it up and was showing it to Alise. It was so funny because she thought he was putting something in her mouth. She came toward him with her mouth open. She also wanted to touch it. Wayne tickeled her toes with it.

The birthday party plans are back on!! I went to Toys R Us last night to get some ideas of what to get her for her birthday. I talked to my friend Carrie today and she gave me some ideas, too. I think we may take her advice and get Alise the car that she can ride in and Wayne and I can push her in it...another alternative to the stroller when we go for walks. She likes the outside so much that I think she might really like that. I picked up some more stuff for the goody bags, also. I've got to decide how I want her birthday cake to look. I thought I had decided on the number one as a design, but now I'm thinking the shape of a butterfly! There's got to be plenty of cake! I counted the guest list last night, and it comes to 34 people!! Carrie told me today that it looks like they may be coming in after all that weekend and I am so excited!! I still wish Michael and Misty could make it!

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