Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday, April 14, 2006

I felt so bad today. I had planned to take off from work today and spend time with Alise. I got a call from my boss at 8:38 this morning asking for a file that I know I had already sent her. Needless to say, I got a quick shower and piled Alise and all her toys in the car. We headed out like we do every morning, only this time, there was no stopping at the daycare. I drove straight to work. Alise only lasted an hour and I couldn't get anything done because she wanted to be held the whole time. Finally it was Nana to the rescue!! I got a hold of my mom on her cellphone and she agreed to keep Alise for a few hours this afternoon while I went back to work. So much for my plans.

I went out on the internet and visited our Cousin Katie's website. It is Mirya did a GREAT job of taking Easter photos of Katie! They were beautiful. They looked like a professional photographer had taken them. She was so precious with her Easter Bonnet. Alise has one of those, too. I bought it last weekend at the Catfish Festival. I'm sure Wayne and I will argue about whether or not she will actually wear it to church on Sunday and I'll loose my bet of her keeping it on, too. She has already started pulling the bows out of her hair! It doesn't make me happy at all! I just love the whole bow idea, but Alise and her daddy have different ideas.

We have a HUGE weekend planned. First of all, Cousin Brooklyn is coming to town. She should be here late tonight with Uncle Michael and Aunt Misty. I am excited to see how Alise is going to act around her two year old Cousin now that she's nearly walking and getting around so well. The last time we saw Brooklyn, it was Christmas and Alise wasn't even crawling. Tomorrow, the whole family is going to Oak Grove to see Great-Grandma Anderson and visit with aunts, uncles and MORE cousins! It will be a short visit during Alise's normal nap time, so I'm not sure how all that will work, but we'll see. I'm sure she'll nap in the car on the way there and back. On Sunday, of course, it's Easter and we'll go to church as normal. We'll have lunch at Nana and Papaw's and then maybe hunt Easter eggs. Then we'll head back over to Oak Grove to Aunt Donna's and see what she, Uncle Steve, and hopefully, Mamaw Horton are doing. There will be lots of photo opportunities. I'm wondering how long Alise is going to stay in that Easter dress!

I'm enjoying this time of year with my daughter. It's Spring, and of course, she's too young to understand, but it's so much fun dressing her in shorts and sandals and sheilding the bright sun out of her eyes when I pick her up in the afternoons. I love watching her look at books. Alise loves books; not necessarily for the pictures, but to be able to turn the pages. She usually has to have one during diaper changes so she won't wiggle so much. She also likes to look at one when she's in the car. We've even gone to the library a couple of times to pick out books and we try to make "Pajama Night" at the library once a month. Her favorite books right now are "Pat the Bunny" and "Farm Animals" (touch and feel). Alise can say the word book, too. But it seems like this past week, she has begun opening the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Oh, she likes that! I hate to put those stupid locks on the doors and I hope we never have to. But if something terrible ever happened, I would never forgive myself. She has already unrolled all the paper towels off the holder once this week!

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