Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday, April 21, 2006

My "mother's instinct" paid off. Well, maybe. I took Alise to the doctor this morning. It turned out that she had a sore throat and her white blood count was up so there actually was an infection. Poor Baby Girl had to have a shot! She definitly wasn't "flirting" with Dr. Stanley today! She's on an antibotic for the next five days. Dr. Stanley is just great! When he walked in the room, I said, "I want you to be proud of me because I waited twenty-four hours this time before I brought her in with fever." (He had kinda let me know last time by telling me that "sometimes fever can be a good thing" that I didn't need to bring in her every single time she ran fever). Then he proceeds to tell me, "Well, now don't ever feel like you can't bring her in. If she's running fever and not acting like herself, then you should go ahead and bring her in. Don't ever doubt yourself." Ugh! I don't care...he's still a great doctor! Can you believe that little heifer weights twenty-one pounds?!?! I knew she was getting heavy!! I'm not even going to bother with finding out what her "normal" weight should be because if she's over, then I know I'll wig out and start thinking "my baby is fat!" Right now, I don't think she' fat at all! She's not fat! Honestly, she's not! She had just drank a little juice and ate a few "puffs" before she got on the scales. Who knows? Maybe she was bloated today!?! Ha!

Anyway, I got my questions answered as far as the milk and the bottle. Dr. Stanley said to go ahead...Alise was ready. Even told me I could use 2% milk. Did you know regular milk was 3%? I had no idea! Anyway, he said to go ahead and use whatever I was currently buying. I told a little white lie and said that I was buying 2%. It's not really a lie. Actually, I do buy 2% for Wayne to go with his "generic" cereal he likes so much, but if Dr. Stanley were to look in our refrigerator today, he would only find skim milk! Dr. Stanley said he had never heard of not putting real milk in a bottle, but that it would probably be best if I began putting the real milk in a sippy cup and that way she would associate it better. I will be so glad when I can box up those crazy bottles!!!! They're starting to take up too much room in the cabinet! So what did I do today? I went out and bought more sippy cups!!!

I've GOT to get those M&Ms ordered!!!!

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