Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday, April 16, 2006


Whew! We're tired!! We had aVERY busy weekend! Be sure to check out our photo site at to get all the pictures!

Cousin Brooklyn made it to Nana and Papaw's late Friday night. We went over to see her around 10:00 Saturday morning so that we could all leave and drive to Oak Grove to see Great-Grandma Anderson and all the other "second cousins." We had a great time getting to meet Cousin Gavin and Cousin Mallory. They look so much like their Dad, Damian. We saw Aunt Shirley and Uncle Arnold as well as Aunt Anne and Uncle Tom. Great-Grandma was doing fine. Of course, we had an accident that I noticed as soon as we got there, so we had to change outfits. I really think that Alise is teething. We've had bad diapers all weekend!

My brother Michael has bought a motorcycle, too, so he and Wayne went riding Saturday afternoon for a few hours while Brooklyn took a nap. When she woke up, Papaw and Nana took the girls on a wagon ride down the drive way. They loved it! Of course, Alise loves to be outside and it was so nice with the breeze blowing. Saturday was also Michael's birthday. He is 29! Gosh, do I feel old!

This morning we woke up and Alise found her Easter basket from the Easter bunny. She really enjoyed that and we got it all on video. Then we went to church. Michael and Misty met us there. Wayne and I had to stay for Sunday School, but we went to Nana and Papaw's for lunch. Alise wouldn't eat. Her appetite just hasn't been that great over the last two days and I worry about it a little bit. She ate some diced apples and a pretty good amount of Nana's banana pudding. After lunch, the girls had to find their Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny had left at Nana's. They loved their baskets. Nana is so great at finding the neatest things! Then we went outside for another wagon ride, pictures, bubbles and an egg hunt. Aunt Misty was a pro at "throwing" those eggs! Alise really caught on to the idea of putting them in her basket. (I'm hoping next year we can make the church egg hunt!)

Around 2:00 we left and drove to Oak Grove to Aunt Donna's and Uncle Steve's. They were having a crawfish boil and EVERYONE was there! We had a good time getting to see Jill and Ms. Manning and Mickey and Gay. Donna and Steve bought 100 pounds of crawfish and I have no idea how much they had left over. There was so much food! Even Mamaw Horton came down for a visit. She brought Molly with her. Alise, Molly, and Baylee (Casey's girlfriend's daughter) all had their singing Easter bunnies lined up in a row and had them singing at the same time. I wish I had gotten a picture of that!

We had a wonderful weekend. I told Wayne when we were coming home from church that the weather was so nice and we really needed to enjoy spending the day with Alise (Oh, by the way! Alise's new nick-name is "Leesy." That was dubbed by Cousin Brooklyn over the weekend!). It was her first Easter and I wanted it to be so special. Even though we had an accident in our Easter dress again today at Nana's, the day was still a success! It was wonderful getting to see Alise "taking in" all the activities outside. Much to her Daddy's joy, she loves to be outside! And we love her!!

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