Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I just got confirmation that Alise's birthday outfit has been shipped. (I know anybody reading this thinks that I am totally consumed with this birthday party and maybe they are right...who knows? Let me just tell ya that I'm not one of these "wait till the last minute" kind of moma's!) I ordered her outfit off of It is TOO cute! It's a sleeveless lavendar outfit that ties at the shoulders with pink ribbons. A cupcake is on the front. The company will monogram the outfit, but I decided against it because I wanted to be sure it was going to fit first. I can always get the monogramming done here, locally. One more thing about the party and then I'll hush. My best friend from Tulsa emailed me this week and said that they may not be able to come. I still am so disappointed. Carrie took a job working at their church and she says they are encouraged not to miss on Sunday's. I can understand, but I was really hoping that she would be able to come and bring Lauren and Allie Grace, too. We'll see. Things could change.

Okay. I lied. One more thing about a birthday party (not Alise's). Tomorrow, in her class, Alise will be celebrating Sara Pringle's birthday. She'll be one. I'm not quite sure what Ms. Sallie has planned, but she asked that we bring a $5 gift. I bought Sara a pop-up book...too cute! Another little boy in Alise's class named Michael had surgery this week. He should be back on Tuesday. Alise and I got him a card. We also got our friend, Addison, a card to cheer her and her mom up.

Alise is starting to stand without holding on to anything. It's so amazing! I watched her tonight as she was pulling up on the end table with one hand and grabbing her bottle off the floor with the other one. She only stands for a few seconds until she realizes what she's done and then she falls. It's hard to believe how strong her chubby little legs have gotten!

Wayne and I are going to Jackson this weekend to try and find Alise an Easter dress. Nana (my mom) is going to babysit. Can you believe we are driving 100 miles to find a blooming dress? But I can't find anything here!!! We'll spend the day going to Kohl's, Babys R Us, and some other stores. Wayne will have to make a run by Krispie Kremes and get don-nuts for every person we know!!

Life is good!

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