Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Today Alise is ten months old. I can't believe it! Just last night, Wayne and I took a stroll down "memory lane" while we were at dinner and talked about her birth and all the things that happened the day she was born. It seems like yesterday I was at home on maternity leave and Alise was asleep in the "moses basket" on the loveseat with her hands tucked behind her head. Everyone told me that babies grow up fast, but I certainly didn't think it would be this fast! I noticed on Friday when I was looking at the proofs from her 9-month pictures that she is loosing the "baby" look. She is starting to look like a little girl. And I was so excited to finally have a picture of her smiling!! The pictures turned out a lot better than I thought they would. Now, if she will just cooperate this weekend with the ducks and bunnies!!

We found the dress!! It's not exactly the style I wanted, but it is the color, so I bought it. Alise's first Easter dress.... It's a bishop style lavender dress with smocking at the top and butterfly sleeves. We found it at Helen's Young Years in Jackson this weekend. It was the only one like it left and the size is 9-months, but I'm thinking she might be able to get most of the summer out of it. I feel guilty for wanting her to wear something older than what she is, for the dresses that I really liked and wanted to get her, those came in the 2T and 3T sizes. There will definitly be time for those sizes and style.

Alise stayed with Nana and Papaw while Wayne and I were in Jackson yesterday. Moma said she had a good time! She ate strawberries with Papaw and went for a wagon ride yesterday afternoon. Moma said Alise was so tired that she nearly fell asleep in the bathtub!

Today we went to church and ate Chinese for lunch. But there wasn't any macaroni and cheese on the buffet this time, so Alise was stuck with "chicken and apples" baby food. She is becoming so independent when it comes to eating and will hardly eat with someone feeding her with a spoon! She likes to feed herself. I feel like she eats the same things over and over again. She is going to grow up absolutely hating green beans!!

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