Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday, March 18, 2005

As I'm writing this, Wayne is on the couch in the living room snoring. Alise is in her room taking a nap, too. The house is quiet and most of the "to do" items on our list have been crossed out.

When I woke up this morning, I was surprised to hear the rain falling. I thought it was suppose to be a beautiful weekend. I was wrong. I had "BIG" plans for today! We were gonna clean, clean, clean. And we did....a little bit. Like I said, we made some progress because we were able to cross out some things. But because of the weather, I wasn't able to "air out the goose down comforter." Gosh-darn! Maybe next weekend.

Alise is growing, growing, growing! Wayne's sweet tooth starting calling sometime around noon, so he pulled a cake mix out of the cabinet and started baking away. He let Alise lick the beaters. She loves anything sweet and I got a picture of her chocolate face!

Nana and Papaw have gone to Conway, Arkansas this weekend to visit Uncle Michael, Aunt Misty and Cousin Brooklyn. They can't wait until Alise is old enough to take her with them on the weekends.

Wayne and I had to go to Oak Grove this past Monday night to the funeral home. Alise stayed with her Aunt Donna and Mamaw while we were gone. That's the first time she's ever "stayed" with any of the Horton's. They said she was good, but I worried the whole time thinking she was screaming her head off or throwing up from all the gold fish and cherrios Aunt Donna and Mamaw were letting her have. She was in heaven because Mamaw was letting her get her own goldfish out of the ziplock bag.

We had Alise's 9-month portraits made last weekend. What I am really excited about are the Easter portrait appointment that is coming up April 1st! Holtzclaw Photography is suppose to have live bunnies and ducks! Oh, I hope Alise is in a good mood and cooperates! She seems to be afraid of the photographer and anytime Lucy comes toward her, she screams! But I would give my right arm for the years worth of photographs that Lucy has made of Alise. They are priceless!

Well, I hear some one giggling in the room next door, so I better go check!

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