Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday, March 27, 2006

Alise is talking up a storm!! Last week it was "moma," today it was "bye bye." When I picked her up from the daycare this afternoon, I said, "Say "bye bye" to Ms. Lisa." She said "bye-bye" and waved. Lisa and I were both shocked! She did it so naturally like it was no big deal! It was a big deal to me! I almost missed it! We got caught in traffic on the way home and I was playing with her while she was riding in the backseat. She said it again! I was so excited!

Our birthday dress from "BSWanky" came in today through the mail. It is so cute! I think it's going to fit, but I still want to wait a while before I have it monogrammed.

This weekend, Wayne and I are taking Alise to Elsong Gardens at the Beidenharn Museum. I had my wedding pictures made there eleven years ago and now that the flowers are in bloom, the Gardens are sponsoring a "Snapshot Sunday" for the next two Sunday's. You can take your camera and take pictures. I want to get some with Alise in front of the tulips and dogwoods. That is, if she'll cooperate!

I found the receipt and web site from where I bought Alise's pillowcase dress at Spring Market a few weeks ago...the same dress she had her 9-month picture made in. It's a great site and the dresses are SO cute!! They even have the matching bows. The site is They look so easy to make. I wish I knew somebody that sewed!!

Speaking of Alise's 9-month pictures, they turned out better than I ever dreamed they would. The pictures were taken on a Saturday when Alise was in desperate need of a nap. But believe it or not, Lucy and Robert were able to catch a smile! I was so excited! Of course, I went nuts ordering pictures for everyone. I probably spent too much money because we're having Easter pictures made this week, but I don't care. She'll only be young this once and my pictures are so precious to me.

Well, it's bedtime! Got to get Baby Girl in bed!

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