Sunday, March 19, 2006

Monday, March 20, 2006

FINALLY!! She said it! That word that I've been waiting to hear for so long..."Moma." I nearly missed it! Alise was in the bathtub and she was getting tired and ready to get out. But she still said it! It counts! I can't describe how that one word made me feel. My heart fluttered and tears came to my eyes. All the crankiness and dirty diapers were forgotten with that one word. It was a new name for me. I've never been known as "moma" before. Never thought I would. I almost wanted to turn around to see who she was talking to. But instead, with tears in my eyes, I clapped my hands and said, "Yeah, Alise! You finally said 'Moma'! Good girl!" She smiled and clapped her hands with me. I never thought that one word could send me to the moon! Truth is, we've been "practicing" the word "moma" for months! Ever since she started saying "Da-Da." Every single time I would say, "Ma-ma", Alise would say "Da-Da." Of course, Wayne got a kick out of it! He would laugh his blooming head off every time! And then, after "Da-Da" came the word "bah-bah" for "bottle." Still no "moma." But all that has changed.

Wayne is jealous that I don't have a picture of him and Baby Girl out on the blog. I told him to set up the tri-pod and we'd try to get a quick family photo before Alise's bedtime, which continues, by the way, to still be 7:00! Can you believe it? We are so blessed!

Last night I was reading a magazine and I saw an advertisement for personalized M&Ms. You can also order them in just about any color under the sun! The site is I thought about getting some personalized M&Ms for Alise's birthday party favors (in pink and purple, of course!). Then I saw the price! When I said something to Wayne about it, he wanted to know "how much?" I told him, "Just keep driving that brown truck and every time you make a delivery today, think about those M&Ms for your daughter's birthday." We got a good laugh out of it. I told him we just had to splurge for her first birthday party!! Hey, it must have worked because Wayne is working overtime tonight because of the weather.

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